perfectly abundant

NestedHearts by Carolyn Solares

For the past six weeks, I have been working through The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron’s 12-week process for unblocking creativity.  I am now half-way through Week Six: Recovering a Sense of Abundance.  This week’s “assignments” ask me to notice abundance, watch for surprises, and fully experience generosity.  Over the past four days, I have been paying close attention to these synchronistic gifts. 

So far, the results have been amazing:  an invitation to a recital of two brilliant opera singers on Sunday afternoon; making an appointment for a massage and a manicure using a gift certificate that I have had since Christmas; finding a pair of shoes I have wanted for two years, and then being able to pay for them with an Amazon gift credit; an amazing night’s sleep on Saturday night; being treated to lunch on Valentine’s Day; creativity that is flowing; plants that are sprouting new shoots; a text message letting me know I am loved….

In my week of abundance, I am discovering that my greatest challenge is simply to appreciate and to say “YES” to everything the universe is offering me.  In doing that, it becomes clear to me that our experience of abundance requires us to open our hearts.  When we do, much of what we already have feels perfectly abundant.  So on this Valentine’s Day, it seems fitting to practice saying YES—and to celebrate everything that reminds us life is good. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

2 thoughts on “perfectly abundant”

  1. Keep being positive and creative. The universe does amazing things for those who are open to its gifts and opportunities. Hugs from both of us.

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