color power

Earlier this week, I did a short exercise, describing myself as a color.  Without much forethought, I wrote with a magenta Sharpie: 

“I am MAGENTA, somewhere between red and purple, far bolder than pink.  I am COLOR and light.  I am play, passion, and plugged-in; I am electric.  I am flavor and beauty, vibrant and alive.  I am energy and radiance, exploding and expanding.  I am magenta–at once feminine, beautiful, and powerful.” 

I did this little exercise for fun.  But as I wrote, I definitely felt the energy of the words.  Evidently, someone else did too:  just five minutes after writing this description, I received a call about a consulting project–someone I hadn’t heard from in months. 

I marveled at the crazy timing of this call.  Clearly, I had sent out some powerful energy.  I had never before thought to describe myself this way.  Now I wonder if I might also be other colors….  The thought is tantalizing, but that will have to be another post.  For now, I’ll simply ask:  what color are YOU? 

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