A Hopeful Sign, Breathing Room…and Synchronicity

A week ago, I was posting an article to my website when I began to think that it would be fun to write some articles for other blogs. Maybe I should write that in my journal, I thought to myself. Then I left my computer to do something else, my thoughts of future articles and blog posts forgotten.

A Hopeful Sign ~ ahopefulsign.com

When I returned an hour later to my laptop, I found an e-mail from a man named Gary Doi, who is the editor of a magazine blog called A Hopeful Sign. Gary had found me on Twitter, visited my blog, and sent me a message inviting me to write a guest post.

I had visited A Hopeful Sign a day earlier and appreciated its content and stated purpose “to spread hopefulness to a wider community.”  Of course, I enthusiastically agreed to write an article. Another e-mail later, Gary asked if I would like to write a monthly column for A Hopeful Sign. Without hesitation, I said yes to this uncanny synchronicity.

This post today has two purposes. The first is to announce the publication of my first article in my column Breathing Room on A Hopeful Sign. This is an innovative site with terrific, uplifting content. Gary Doi has a big vision for growing its reach and impact. I hope that you will support his efforts and enjoy the articles and photos featured on the site.

The second purpose of this post is to express appreciation for the synchronicity at work in my life. And special thanks to Gary Doi for his generous invitation. I hadn’t written down my wish—nor had I sent out hundreds of articles, waiting nervously for one to be accepted. In fact, I hadn’t done much of anything. Well, that’s not true. I was writing regularly, writing what I hear and believe. As it turns out, that was enough. Synchronicity abounds when we are open and receptive—and doing what we love.

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