Suiting Up

Over the past many months, I have been paying close attention to synchronicity in my life. Sometimes, these coincidences seem strange and profound. More often, however, synchronistic events present themselves in sweet and funny ways. And when I pay attention, follow sometimes-illogical impulses, and enjoy the support and humor of the universe, the synchronicity facilitates and informs bigger lessons.

A couple of months ago, a recruiter called me regarding a consulting contract for a large company. The work sounded interesting and the pay was good, so I enthusiastically agreed to an interview. That said, I immediately knew that I would need a real suit to wear to the interview. I had fudged on other interviews, wearing skirts with dark tops and high heels, but always carefully avoiding the buttoned-up, suited look that I identified with a buttoned-up—and uptight—previous part of my life.

After I consented to look for a suit, a department-store flyer appeared in my mail a few days later, announcing a Spectacular Suit Sale. While traveling over the weekend, my friend and I stopped briefly to shop—different city, but same store, so I hoped to find a spectacular suit there.

While trying on assorted skirt suits, I experienced several anxiety-filled moments of déjà vu while looking at myself in the mirror. Yikes. I had seen her before—in that same suit! With my flashback over, I decided that a frumpy black skirt suit might not be the best bet. Miraculously, my friend located a pantsuit, the only one in my size. It fit perfectly and did not look at all uptight. What’s more, my spectacular suit was on a spectacular sale.

I hesitate to reveal how much I spent on the suit, as someone is sure to see me in it after reading this article. Having said that, imagine a great-looking black pantsuit with lined pants, needing no alterations whatsoever. What would you pay for that suit? If you divide that by four, I probably still paid less for my suit….

Unfortunately, the following week, the client canceled the contract and the interview. Truthfully, I felt more disappointed in not getting to wear the suit. But my disappointment subsided quickly when another opportunity surfaced to wear it.

In lining up seemingly random events and deceptively small gifts, the universe inspires in me deep appreciation for its crazy and inexplicable connectedness—and its generosity. And it reminds me that the more I appreciate the sweet and silly, the more I have to appreciate.

With delight and a sense of mischief, I wore the suit to an interview for an entirely unrelated position—at the very same company. Oh, and I got the job. But that’s another story.

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