from Carolyn

I started writing several years ago in earnest.  In fact, I wrote and edited a manuscript of original essays—twice.  For a variety of reason, not the least being that I didn’t think I could call myself a writer, I didn’t publish it.  Instead I went into the dark abyss of Writer’s Block, something I had long considered a myth. 

My bout of self-induced writer’s block has made me much more sympathetic to the anxiety and fear that plague us when we are confronted with our own originality and creativity.  For the past several years, friends have been encouraging me to start a blog; I ignored them.  They encouraged me to be brave and “just write.”  I ignored that too.  I should note that this is also advice that I have given to would be writers I know.  It’s a classic case of do as I say, not as I do.

But I am a writer who has stories to tell, even occasional wisdom to impart.  And frankly, I’m tired of being a hypocrite.  So, I’m going to tell the [true] stories of the connections and synchronicity at play in our lives, with the hope that you’ll begin to recognize the crazy coincidences in your life too. 


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