Serendipitous Stories

Peanut Butter & Forgiveness

Yes, these stories of synchronicities, serendipity and signs from the Universe are all true.  I cannot say whether these types of coincidences have always occurred in my life.  What I can say for certain is that I began to have many stories like these once I began to pay attention.  (Stories are by me, Carolyn Solares, unless otherwise noted.)

What are your stories???

One thought on “Serendipitous Stories”

  1. Okay, here’s one…Out of the blue last weekend Tony sent a text message to a former employee who now resides in Florida. He wanted to know if she was familiar with a certain FL beach. She sent a reply, and also included the information that her husband was participating in the US National Figure Skating Championships that day. When Tony saw her reply, he rushed to let me know (Figure Skating is my favorite sport, but I had completely forgotten that the national champs were in Jan). Seconds later, I tuned in to the event just as Mark and his partner were starting their routine. I would have felt absolutely terrible to have missed their performance, and it took a very random act on Tony’s part to set this in motion. Just a funny little story about serendipity…

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